Dual Mass Flywheel Diagnostics and Replacement

Sponsored by Schaeffler, manufacturers of LuK

Original air date: July 27, 2017

Technicians and parts professionals should attend this free 30-minute training webinar to hear Mike Geul, an ASE-certified technician, share how to diagnose and service dual mass flywheels. Learn where and why DMFs are used, how a DMF works, why you shouldn't replace a DMF with a solid flywheel, and how to diagnose DMF failure.


Mike Geul, Technical Service Manager, Schaeffler
Andrew Markel, Director of Content for Brake & Front End, ImportCar, and Underhood Service

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What the Books Won’t Tell You About Brake Jobs

Sponsored by Raybestos Brakes

Original air date: October 13, 2016

Hear about some of the common misconceptions many students have about brakes and brake service. ASE-certified technician Andrew Markel will cover 10 important topics – like the myth that brake rotors warp, what really happens to brake hardware, and why brake fluid matters.


  • Andrew Markel

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