2,000 Horsepower Single-turbo 6.7l Cummins Engine

2,000 Horsepower Single-turbo 6.7l Cummins Engine

This particular engine was built by LinCo Diesel Performance for owner Daniel Hargrove. Check it out!

Courtesy of Engine Builder

For Daniel Hargrove, fixing trucks started out as a hobby and soon grew into a career. Hargrove owns a small shop in Charlotte, TN named D&C Automotive Repair where he provides general repair services and performance upgrades in the 500-1,000 horsepower range.

For the past few years, he’s been campaigning his ’06 Ram 2500 in the ODSS 7.70 class, but last year he had intentions of moving up to 6.70. The powerplant was initially sent to an engine shop for some upgrades, but after being unsatisfied with the result, Hargrove decided on a new builder. The new shop would be none other than LinCo Diesel Performance.

Jeff McCord and the LinCo team barely need an introduction, as their work speaks for itself. They were the winner of Engine Builder’s 2021 “America’s Best Diesel Shop,” a prestigious award that recognizes the best of the best in the performance engine building world. 

McCord’s shop focuses primarily on Duramax and Cummins engine work for all kinds of applications, as well as transmission work, maintenance and repair work, and some parts manufacturing. Manufacturing parts, doing complete transmission work and keeping all engine and machine work in-house is easy since LinCo Diesel Performance has a brother company in LDP Machine, a full engine machine shop.

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