6 Things You Need To Know Before You Enter The Auto Industry -

6 Things You Need To Know Before You Enter The Auto Industry

Thinking about entering the auto industry? Here are six points you need to consider. I hope they make your decision making process a little easier!

Thinking about entering the auto industry? Here are six points you need to consider. I hope they make your decision making process a little easier!


  1. There are tons of opportunities.
    The auto industry isn’t reserved for mechanics. Someone has to write the owner’s manual and make road signs. There are positions for artists, re-builders, manufacturers, engineers, and clerical workers. You could start an auto shop, open a junk yard, or work for the department of transportation.


  1. Don’t hesitate – anyone can go in!
    If there’s a shop near you, ask if you can help. Most business owners respect eager people who want to enrich themselves in something they enjoy. As an employer, it’s my pleasure to give people that opportunity. The shop gets a helping hand and the individual gains experience. Talk about a win/win!


  1. You need some tools if you’re serious.
    Don’t be afraid of starting with a minimal tool set. You can expand and upgrade your tools  as your career grows. Wrenches, ratchets, sockets, screwdrivers, and a jack are some of the basics. Here’s a list of tools to get you started. Check Craigslist to find affordable options in your town. If that’s a bust, try Ebay.


  1. Having a mentor can accelerate your growth.
    Don’t expect to get a paying job without any experience. You could teach yourself how to fix cars, but you’ll learn a lot faster with a mentor. Make friends with an auto shop owner. Offer to be a part-time intern in exchange for a mentorship.  If you’re hungry for knowledge, your mentor will respect your drive and ask you to be a paid mechanic in the future.


  1. Mechanics are better paid than most social service workers.
    Mechanics make more money than landscapers, groundskeepers, and security offers.  The average mechanic made roughly $39,450 in 2013. More experienced mechanics can make up to $61,210. Entry level mechanics averaged $20,920. Income depends on location. Mechanics are very well paid in these cities: San Francisco; Fairbanks, Alaska; and Santa Cruz, California.


  1. The number of auto service jobs is expected to grow 9% by 2022.
    There were 701,100 employed mechanics in 2012. That number is expected to increase to 761,500 by 2022. A lot of baby-boomers will be retiring over the next few years. In short, there will be an abundance of job opportunities. Cars are increasingly computerized. Candidates with experience in advanced automotive technology will have the greatest odds of finding a job.Do you have any questions about becoming a mechanic? Let me know in the comments.

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