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ACDelco Box Program: Haleyville High School

“Project Car” Completed by Haleyville High School


Automotive Technology: Class of the Year


by Kayla Williams
Automotive Technology

What do people think of when they hear attitude, passion, leadership, learning, hard work, dedication, and fun?

Well the students at Haleyville High School think Automotive Technology. Auto Tech is a fabulous program that helps students learn about cars. This program has many great things to offer students.

    When students first get into Auto Tech they start learning form the text book. They read and learn how things are done with cars. They learn about changing tires, changing oil, checking tire pressure and so on.  We also have an internet program we learn from called CDX. It is a program where the students watch a video about things being done on cars. When they are finished with the video they take and small quiz to see what they have remembered. After they finish with a whole section they take a test for a grade.


    Grades are very important in Auto Tech. It is not just some easy class that can be taken to have one more credit when graduation comes around. Students have to study and work really hard to maintain passing grades. Students are not allowed to go on field trips if they do not maintain an overall 90 average.

    Working hands on in Auto Tech is defiantly a plus. Being out in the shop is what really brings out what the students have learned and how well they have listened in class. In the shop is where the leadership, attitude, hard work, passion, dedication, and fun come out. Students are always willing to help one another. We have seen an increasing amount of girls come into Auto Tech over the years. No judges or discriminates who is in Auto Tech.


Guys help girls and girls help guys. We are all one big family. We are not afraid to get our hands dirty. We all truly and genuinely care about one another.

    The number one best thing about Auto Tech is our instructor. Haleyville’s Auto Tech instructor is Mike Batchelor. He would do anything for his students. He encourages us to do our very best and be our very best. If a school has a great of an instructor as Haleyville does then their class will go far.

    All in all Auto Tech is an amazing class to take. Students learn so much more than working on cars. They learn things and qualities that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.  Students also make friends that they will never forget. Who knows, someone may even find the love of their life in Auto Tech.

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