VIDEO: ACDelco Offers Replacement Options

VIDEO: ACDelco Offers Replacement Options

The packaging may have changed but the quality you have come to expect is still inside. This video is sponsored by ACDelco.

Having options is a good thing.   General Motors Original Equipment, ACDelco Gold, and ACDelco Silver offer some great options when it comes to getting the right replacement parts for your vehicle.  

Easily identified by the blue packaging and featuring the GM Original Equipment flag, GM Genuine Parts and ACDelco GM OE are the parts that were installed on the production line or validated by General Motors, specifically for General Motors vehicles. 

ACDelco gold, those parts previously referred to as the professional line, are high-quality alternatives to original equipment parts, ACDelco Gold parts are engineered to meet GM expectations for fit, form, and function. On top of that, you get the backing of General Motors.

Much of the Advantage line is now known as ACDelco Silver.   ACDelco Silver parts that are designed to be a quality replacement that offers a high value.   To top it off, they’re available for most makes and models and once again, backed by General Motors.  

The packaging has changed along with some of the names, but you’ll find exactly what you’ve come to expect over the years from GM Original Equipment and ACDelco parts.     

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