Meet Gage Stewart, April's 2022 Student of the Month!

Meet Gage Stewart, April’s 2022 Student of the Month!

Gage has shown his leadership skills inside and outside of the classroom. This video is sponsored by Continental.

Gage Stewart is an 11th grade automotive student at Forsyth Central Highschool in Cumming Georgia. Gage is credited for being a leader for his commitment to helping students inside and outside of the classroom. Gage has already passed all 10 ASE tests and all 5 Diesel tests offered to students and works at a local Chevrolet Dealership on the weekends.

Welcome to, Gage Stewart!

Gage, what inspired you to take automotive classes during high school?

In eighth grade, I saw it at a career fair for my school at Lanier Tech, and I immediately knew that I wanted to be join the school’s automotive program and engine team.

Tell us about your time on the school’s team at the National Runner up Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Engine challenge competition and how it felt when you became the State Champion in SkillsUSA Diesel Equipment Technology.

It was great, really. We all worked as a team together, and we had been practicing for over a year at that point, all together. The team is made up of all good friends of mine outside of the engine team. Really, it was a great experience being able to become the runner-up in nationals, and hopefully, next year we’ll win.

How has it been to get a taste of the workforce while still in your junior year?

It’s really incredible. You learn the most being in the workforce. Knowing what you’ll have to do at a dealership or just as a tech in general, along with learning the business aspect of it, helps a lot.

How are you able to juggle school, sports, work and a personal life? 

Well, most of the time, they don’t really clash together. I get out a period early from school and that helps. I get to go to work earlier, and then I get off at six and can still go home and make time to hang out with my family and friends. My fishing team is mostly on Sundays but any days that I have off, I try to go fishing. I’ve been able to manage, but it is definitely a very tight schedule.

What are your plans for the future?

Honestly, I’m not sure yet. I plan on either going to a technical school to study diesel equipment technology or maybe Southern Illinois University to do their four-year bachelor program.

Gage’s instructor, Andrew Graham says, Gage is a leader in our automotive classes and constantly above everybody else, in both school and work. I just love having him in class. He definitely not only knows everything that we’re doing, but he also helps us teach other kids when we need it. He is definitely a leader in our automotive class. We look forward to seeing where he lands once he graduates.

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