Are You The Next B'laster Instructor of the Year?

Are You The Next B’laster Instructor of the Year?

Six instructors will be featured in Tomorrow's Tech's website and newsletters from now through April 2023.


Doug Kaufman:

Hi again, everybody. I’m Doug Kaufman. I’m editor of Tomorrow’s Technician. And I’m here with Randy Pindor from B’laster Corporation. We’re two of the most humble people in the industry.

Randy Pindor:

That’s right.

Doug Kaufman:

Randy, I don’t know anybody who’s more humble than we are. We couldn’t be better at being humble.

Randy Pindor:

Nothing to be humble about.

Doug Kaufman:

Well, that’s true, but we’re not here to praise ourselves. We’re not here to talk about how humble we are. Humility is a fine thing, but in this case, humility doesn’t count. We’re here to invite you to apply for the 2022-2023 B’laster/Tomorrow’s Technician Instructor of the Year program. Randy, explain to our listeners why B’laster feels instructors are worth promoting and worth supporting.

Randy Pindor:

Absolutely. This goes back into my history of coming up through a vocational and having an instructor back in my high school days guiding, teaching, mentoring me as a person growing up in school and not knowing which way you’re going to go in life, and helping you out and figuring out what you need to do and how to do it. I also think the instructors are someone to this day I look back on. I know guys have guided me in proper ways of doing things, from respect, organizing your tools, but organizing your life, thinking about a project, thinking about how you’re going to get through the project, and always looking up to them and having them be like your second father at the school.

For me, it’s so important that these instructors do what they’re doing and our Instructors of the Year have always excelled and went far and beyond the normal teachers or instructors that you would normally see. This year’s Instructor of the Year, for example, was another one of those individuals where the kids looked up to him. He guided them, he puts all his life and effort into training the kids and helping the kids get better at their missions. So we really want to embrace it. We want to push it, promote it. And we want to thank him. So I always thank Mr. Nick Swisher from my high school for doing what he did for me.

Doug Kaufman:

Our Instructor of the Year program recognizes the auto instructor who takes an unconventional approach to education, works through the inevitable challenges with creativity and passion, and most importantly is committed to educating the best future technicians. We know that the average instructor is too humble to consider himself or herself worthy of this honor, so we hope you’ll help. This is your opportunity to let the world know about the fantastic instructors in your school district. Nominations are open now.

Six instructors will be featured in Tomorrow’s Tech’s website and newsletters from now through April 2023. And from the stories and those amazing mentors, we’ll announce the B’laster Instructor of the Year in May of 2023. Just click the link in the description to open and fill out the simple registration form. Tomorrow’s Technician delivers technical information for servicing today’s vehicles to automotive students enrolled in technical and vocational schools across the country. Our brand assists instructors and educators with a real world supplement to classroom assignments and reinforces the student’s decisions to seek a career in the automotive industry. Randy, this is the fourth year that we’re doing the program.

Randy Pindor:

That’s right.

Doug Kaufman:

We are so excited to have you guys back on board with us. So thank you.

Randy Pindor:

Glad to be here. Glad to help out and promote these kids and through their technical life.

Doug Kaufman:

That’s great. My mom always said, “It ain’t bragging if you can back it up.” It’s time to back it up. We look forward to your nominations. Why don’t you enter it today?

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