ASE Tech Prep: G1 Maintenance And Light Repair Part 1 (Video)

ASE Test Prep: G1 Maintenance And Light Repair Part 1 (Video)

There are 7 different systems covered in the ASE G1 maintenance and light repair test. This video is sponsored by Carter.

When preparing for the ASE G1 maintenance and light repair test it is important to remember that there are 7 different systems that are covered in the test. The areas that are tested include Brakes, Engine Repair, Automatic and Manual drive Train systems, Electrical, HVAC, and Steering and Suspension. With that in mind it’s important to study and prepare for these different sections of the test. Let’s try this G1 practice test question and see how you do!

The Red brake warning light is illuminated on the dash. Technician A states that the brake fluid level could be low. Technician B states the parking brake could be on. Which technician is correct?

  • A: Tech A only
  • B: Tech B only
  • C: Both Techs
  • D: Neither tech

The correct answer is C. Both techs are right. Technician A is correct the because the lamp will come on if the brake fluid is below the minimum level on most vehicles. Technician B is correct the red brake lamp will come on when the parking brake is engaged. Thanks for watching and make sure to check out many more of these ASE test prep questions at!

This video is sponsored by Carter.

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