ASE Test Prep: Changing The Engine Oil Filter (Video)
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ASE Test Prep: Changing The Engine Oil Filter (Video)

When changing the engine oil filter, what should the technician do? This video is sponsored by FRAM.


Becoming ASE-certified in several areas is an ideal way to distinguish yourself from the competition when searching for a job. ASE certifications immediately tell a hiring manager that you have the qualifications to step into the shop and make an immediate impact. When you take the initiative to become accredited, you show your employer that you’re committed to the job and are worth investing in with both promotions and raises. Let’s help you get closer to that certification with this ASE practice test question!


When changing the engine oil filter, the technician should:

(A) install the filter with pliers.

(B) tighten the new filter three turns after seal contact.

(C) inspect the oil flange for the old filter seal.

(D) install the filter with a dry seal.

The correct answer is C. Techs should always inspect the oil flange to ensure that the old gasket is not still stuck to it.  If a new filter is installed on top of an old seal, a “double gasket” situation occurs, and oil will either completely blow out as soon as the engine starts and create a huge mess or even worse, will NOT blow out until the car and the customer are down the road a few miles.  That’s a situation a tech never wants to be involved in!

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