ASE Test Prep: Engine Oil Temperature (VIDEO)
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ASE Test Prep: Engine Oil Temperature (VIDEO)

Let’s try this practice test question involving two technicians discussing oil usage. Good luck! Sponsored by FRAM.


If you find yourself struggling on a particular question on an ASE test, you can skip the question and come back to it at a later time.


The program will remind you that you skipped a question. If after returning to the skipped question you still find yourself stumped, it is better to guess than leave it blank. If you leave the answer blank it will be marked incorrect.

Try to eliminate as many of the answers as possible as not being likely. If you can eliminate at least one of the four answers your chances of guessing correctly are 25% better.

Let’s try this practice test question involving two technicians discussing oil usage. Good Luck!

Two technicians are discussing engine oil. Technician A says the higher the viscosity the better the oil. Technician B says that a SAE of 5W-30 will work better in a new car instead of the specified 0W-20. Which technician is correct?


a.Technician A

b.Technician B

c.Both technicians

d.Neither technician

The correct answer is D. The viscosity is the measure of the resistance to flow and is not and indicator of quality.

Technician A is incorrect because even though a higher viscosity may increase oil pressure it could prevent vital engine parts from receiving oil at start up, especially in colder weather. Technician B is incorrect because a higher viscosity oil would decrease fuel economy and is not recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

Technicians should always use the engine oil recommended by the manufacturer to ensure the engine will maintain its performance throughout its service life.

This video is sponsored by FRAM.

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