ASE Test Prep: External Fuel Filter Best Practices (Video)

ASE Test Prep: External Fuel Filter Best Practices (Video)

What should you include when replacing an external fuel filter? This video is sponsored by Carter.

As with any test, practice, preparation, and studying are crucial to achieving a passing score. When taking the ASE G1 certification test it is important to carefully read the question and answers thoroughly. The way the questions are worded can be tricky and lead to a wrong answer when not completely understood. Let’s try a practice question and see how you do!

When replacing an external fuel filter, best practices include what?

a. Use the same brand as the original replacement filter

b. Reuse the filter after cleaning

c. Relieve fuel system pressure before removing the fuel line connections

d. Tighten fasteners as tight as possible

The correct answer is C. The fuel lines are under pressure even after the engine has been turned off. This is necessary to spray the fuel into the combustion chamber of your vehicle in the correct amount at the right time and for easier engine restarts. Relieving that pressure is an important safety step before attempting a fuel filter replacement.

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