ASE Test Prep: Fuel Pump Testing (VIDEO)

ASE Test Prep: Fuel Pump Testing (VIDEO)

Can you get this ASE practice test question correct? This video is sponsored by Carter.


So, you think you can study all night long and properly enough information to pass that ASE test you’re taking? Well, consider this. Research says those last minute CRA sessions, they don’t work. Instead, set up a steady schedule. Adequate planning will help you stay focused, manage your time wisely, and eliminate distractions. Study sessions will also be more productive if you allow yourself to take planned breaks. Consider a schedule of 50 minutes spent working, followed by a 10-minute break. Remember, it’s about studying more effectively, not studying harder.

Let’s try this ASE practice test question. “A fuel pump should be tested for all of the following, except:

A, pressure.

B, current draw.

C, resistance.

Or D, volume.”

The correct answer is C. The resistance is not usually measured as part of fuel pump testing. The pressure the pump is producing, current draw, and pump fluid volume, are typically measured when testing an electric fuel pump for proper operation.

Thanks for watching. Good luck.

This video is sponsored by Carter.

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