ASE Test Prep: Spark Plug Wires (VIDEO)
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ASE Test Prep: Spark Plug Wires (VIDEO)

Which Technician is correct, A or B? This video is sponsored by Autolite.


Technician A, Technician B questions are actually double true or false type questions.


The best way to investigate this kind of question is to consider each technician’s statement separately. Ask yourself, is Technician A true or false? Is Technician B true or false? Then choose your answer from the four choices.

An important point to remember is that an ASE Technician A, Technician B question will never have Technician A and B directly disagreeing with each other. That is why you must evaluate each statement independently. Here’s an example of this type of question and the assessment of it as well.

An engine is being diagnosed for a misfire. One spark plug wire measured “OL” on a digital ohmmeter set to the auto range scale. Technician A says that the spark plug wire is defective and should be replaced. Technician B says that the spark plug wire is good.


Which Technician is correct?

A.Technician A

B. Technician B

C. Both technicians

D. Neither technician

The correct answer is A. Only technician A is correct because the reading on the ohmmeter indicates that the plug wire is electrically open and lacks continuity. Technician B is incorrect because a good spark plug wire should measure less than 10,000 ohms per foot or less than 30,000 ohms for most spark plug wires. The wire being tested did not register any continuity and is electrically open and will need replaced.

This video is sponsored by Autolite.

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