ASE Test Prep: What Computer Sensor Needs Replaced? (VIDEO)
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ASE Test Prep: What Computer Sensor Needs Replaced? (VIDEO)

A defective head gasket could mean a computer sensor needs replaced. This video is sponsored by Autolite.


The most effective practice is to study a short time on each topic every day. The overall amount of time spent studying will be the same or maybe even less than one or more lengthy sessions. But you will learn the information more deeply and retain more for the long term. The most important thing is how you utilize your study time, not how long you study. Long study sessions lead to a lack of concentration and a lack of learning and retention. Let’s see if you can retain this short ASE test prep question!


What computer sensor may need replaced if an engine has a defective head gasket?

A) Engine coolant temp sensor

B) Crankshaft position sensor

C) Mass air flow sensor

D) Oxygen sensor

The correct answer is D. Additives in coolant can coat the oxygen sensor which can cause the sensor to incorrectly detect the oxygen content in the exhaust. It is unlikely that any other stated sensor would be affected by a blown head gasket.

This video is sponsored by Autolite.

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