Sponsors Car Care Council Women's Board Assists with Tech Scholarships - Sponsors Car Care Council Women’s Board Assists with Tech Scholarships

BETHESDA, MD — The Car Care Council Women’s Board has announced that is a sponsor of the 2007 Women’s Board.


“We are very pleased to have as a sponsor of the Women’s Board and we truly thank them for their generous support of our group,” said Katie Noga, president, Car Care Council Women’s Board.

The Women’s Board offers four tax-deductible sponsorship levels, Platinum ($5,000), Gold ($2,500), Silver ($1,250) and Bronze ($500). These sponsorship dollars cover all of the activities of the various Women’s Board committees, including:


    * Consumer education, with special emphasis on female consumers;

    * Expanded scholarship program for women;

    * Post-secondary vocational students enrolled in automotive programs and planning to enter the automotive field;

    * High school students planning to enter the automotive field;

    * Northwood University student enrolled in the automotive aftermarket curriculum;

    * Recruitment and retention of women into our Industry;

    * Development and maintenance of;

    * Industry support, articles and educational materials;

    * Research projects and public relations activities; and

    * Automotive Communications Awards and reception.


For more information about, visit:


For more information about the Car Care Council Women’s Board, visit: or email [email protected].

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