Adam Redling, Author at Tomorrows Technician
8-Speed Transmission Replacement

A key consideration is the oil and the oil level. A new transmission will be delivered with the correct oil and oil level.

VIDEO: Avoid Water Pump Damage With The Correct Coolant Mix

Adam Redling explains the importance of properly mixing coolant and water to avoid damage to the water pump.

VIDEO: TPMS On Upfitted Vehicles

Adam Redling shows how a vehicle with upfitted rims requires a scan tool to make the TPMS account for them.

VIDEO: Winter Fluid Maintenance

Adam Redling goes over a checklist for fluids on your customers’ vehicles, including oil, coolant, brake fluid and windshield washer fluid.

Brake Fluid Flushes

Unlike oil changes and tire rotations, many customers don’t know the benefits that brake flushes can have on their vehicle’s performance. It is up to you to educate your consumers on the benefits this service offers.

Impact Of Summer Heat On Batteries

Summer temperatures can be a nightmare for car batteries. As a technician, you need to be able to spot the telltale warning signs of weakened batteries and sell your customers on the need for service.

Serpentine Belts: Inspecting And Replacing

A technician’s senses are often the most valuable tools in helping assess what repair or replacement parts are needed on a given job. Specifically, the ability to visually inspect parts for wear and tear to know when it’s time for replacement is the calling card of any successful technician. But when it comes to modern serpentine belts, you can’t trust your eyes anymore to tell you when it’s time for a new belt.

GF-6 Oil Specification: What It Means For Repair Shops

Alex Sammut, global technology marketing manager, Lubrizol Additives spoke with Underhood Service about what the proposed GF-6 specification means for repair shops and what technicians can do to prepare for the new regulations.

Vacuum Power Assist Service

Most late-model vehicles use a vacuum booster to help apply the brakes. The booster is usually located behind the master cylinder on the firewall. A leak in the vent valve can cause a reduction in the performance of the booster and increase pedal travel. A manifold vacuum of 20 inHg or greater can be achieved during deceleration. The booster chambers can be evacuated and retained at this pressure by a properly operating check valve.

The Copper-Free Brake Initiative

Spurred by the laws enacted by California and Washington, several other states such as New York, Hawaii, Rhode Island and Oregon drafted legislation over the past several years aimed at reducing brake pad pollution. However, the Copper-free Brake Initiative, in tandem with California and Washington’s existing laws, effectively made other state-specific laws unnecessary.

Update On R-1234yf Refrigerant

If you haven’t had a lot of experience dealing with R-1234yf yet, get ready. You’re going to steadily be seeing a lot more of this refrigerant in the coming years. Underhood Service magazine talked with ASE Executive Director of Special Projects Dave Cappert about R-1234yf updates and best practices techs need to know to be able to service these vehicles before one catches you off guard.

The Science Behind Precious Metal Spark Plugs

The higher melting point of iridium and platinum allows spark plug manufacturers to reduce the diameter of the center electrode. The smaller the diameter of the center electrode, the lower the voltage needed to start the spark. The finer point means that the electrode can absorb heat easier and faster, leading to improved acceleration, fuel consumption and smoother idling.