Alicia Crabtree, Author at Tomorrows Technician
Shop Profile: From Antibiotics To Auto Body

Growing up in Flushing, Queens, N.Y., Jahid Habasi was engrossed in the automotive field. His father was a mechanic who wound up opening up his own body shop. But, once he retired, Habasi had to venture off on his own and find his own path. In 2007, Habasi entered the pharmacy program at St. Thomas Aquinas College in Sparkhill, N.Y. “I did it to make my parents happy, to let them know that I’m book smart as well as street smart,” says Habasi. While he was in college, Habasi looked for a job. And like two magnets destined to snap together, he found himself working in a collision repair shop.

How To Dress For The Big Interview

What you wear and how you present yourself in an interview is almost as important as what comes out of your mouth during the interview. But does the same hold true for automotive technicians looking for work? Yes. The general rule is to dress for a job that is two levels above the one you’re interviewing for.