Alicia Lewis, Author at Tomorrows Technician
Cole’s Collision Center Mentors Local Students

Cole’s Collision Center in Albany, N.Y., has been mentoring local students in the auto body repair field since it opened in 2007.

Five Things To Consider When Forming Your Job Hunting Strategy

It can be a daunting task to actually sit down and dive into the rabbit hole that is job hunting. So it’s best to make yourself a strategy to use when you begin to scan the Internet for your new perfect position.

Don’t Let These 10 Pieces Of Advice Screw Up Your Job Hunt

Are you making these mistakes while job hunting? Here are ten outdated pieces of advice that you should really ignore.

Using Social Media To Find A Job

When it comes to job hunting, most people think social media is simply the thing you clean up prior to beginning your search. But, in reality, it can do so much more for you than just prove to potential employers that you’re sane and not an all-night partier. You can utilize social media to find job openings, connect with potential employers and give yourself a leg up when it comes time to interview. No really, you can!