Chris Crowell, Author at Tomorrows Technician
TPMS: Decoding The TPMS Wireless Sensor

In order to properly service a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), you must first understand the functionality of the system’s wireless signal. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation out there about the TPMS wireless signal, which could get in the way of your ­diagnostics and your ability to sell TPMS service. For example, Googling

TPMS Service: Taking Temperature Into Account

Winter is almost here, which means shops in cold weather cities might see an influx of illuminated TPMS lights. However, many of those lights might be false alarms. The reason? Look no further than the thermometer.

Import Oil Specification Primer

As engine technology has evolved and fuel efficiency standards have tightened, oil specs have increased in importance. Using the wrong viscosity could set a fault code in some applications or interfere with the normal operation of the variable valve timing system.

Proper Coolant Selection Prevents System Degradation

Coolant is easily analogized to blood, both being liquids that are essential to the functioning of an entire complex system. The analogy extends even ­further though because, like blood, coolant has different types, and it’s not a stretch these days to say that swapping an OAT with an HOAT, or vice versa, is on the level of transfusing Type A blood with Type B.

Loaded Caliper Installation Guidelines

Caliper replacement is often the best course of action to ensure that a braking system will perform at an optimal level, both in terms of safety, performance and maximizing brake pad life.