David Sickels, Author at Tomorrows Technician
How Important is Regenerative Braking For EVs?

Regenerative braking helps to increase the overall efficiency and range of the EV, increasing the range of an EV by up to 20%.

How EVs Have Changed Wiper Blade Service

For EVs, noisy wiper blades can be an annoyance because there is no internal combustion engine to help cancel out that noise.

How Autonomous EVs Operate Outside Road Lanes

Learn about the navigational accuracy of autonomous low-speed EVs.

Bramble Energy Identifies Cheap Hydrogen Fuel Cell Solution

The company thinks it can produce hydrogen fuel cells 10 times cheaper than current traditional fuel cell costs

NAPA Strives to Narrow EV Tech Training Gap Via Tools

Recognizing that tooling is an issue in shops working on EVs, NAPA is introducing a full line of insulated hand tools.

The Keys To A Successful Electric School Bus Rollout

How does a district know the best way to modify their infrastructure?

Maximize Fuel Economy With Wheel Position In Mind

Diligent and proactive tire pressure maintenance is another key in maximizing fuel efficiency.

Protect The Bead To Protect The Tire, Driver & Tech

Tire inflation inspections should always be top of mind when servicing any vehicle for one simple reason: safety.

VIDEO: Fuel Pump Replacement

Fuel pump replacement comebacks can be costly and can hurt your reputation. This video is sponsored by Carter.

How Toys And NASCAR Inspire Commercial Truck Tires

The blending of chemicals and other ingredients affects nearly every aspect of how commercial truck tires perform.

VIDEO: How To Replace Your Water Pump

When you take the ASE G1 or ASE A1, make sure you read and understand the full question. This video is sponsored by Carter.

VIDEO: Reduce Your Heavy-Duty Truck Battery Issues

Here’s some tips for preventing battery failure. This video is sponsored by Delo.