Fardad Niknam, Author at Tomorrows Technician
The Science Behind Tread Depth On Passenger Tires

Tire engineers continue making tires safer, faster, more comfortable and last longer while optimizing tread depth.

The Science Behind Passenger Tire Tread Compounds

The majority of overall tire performances comes from the tread because that’s what contacts the road.

The Science Behind Tire Speed Ratings

Speed ratings were developed to help control the safe performance of tires at standardized speeds.

Science Lesson – Tires And Traction Part Two

In tire development, traction and braking performance are probably the most important aspects engineers consider.

The Science Behind Traction And Braking

Learn to maximize traction and braking under different conditions for performance.

The Science Behind Traction And Braking

Traction works any time a car is in motion, whether traveling in a straight line or around a curve.

Speed Of Sound: The Science Of Tire Noise

There are different sources in a vehicle that create noise, both internally and externally.