Gene Markel, Author at Tomorrows Technician
Undercover: Handling All-Wheel-Drive Diagnostics

Today, technicians have to be more proficient in diagnosing AWD system failures. He or she has to be familiar with more that one manufacturer and be able to understand their methods of diagnosis verses the dealership technician who deals with one manufacturer.

Undercover: ABS Bleeding Procedures and Tips

Any time the hydraulic system is opened, air can be introduced into the lines and components. Your job is to eliminate that air.

UnderCover: Knowing Nivomats: Dissecting A Load Sensing Shock

The Nivomat system does more than just level the vehicle under load. As the load increases, the pressure inside the shock increases as oil is displaced from the reservoir to the inside of the unit, compressing the gas volume. This creates a progressive increase in spring rate and damping with little or no change to ride frequency.

Undercover: Joining the ‘Brake Booster’ Club

In school, I took physics and wondered if I would ever use any of the scientific stuff. All of that stuff is kind of important if you want to know how altitude can affect the performance of a vacuum brake booster, engine, your body and a whole lot of other devices.

Service Advisor: Giving the Sway Bar a Tune Up

Unless the chassis anti-roll bar — also called the sway bar or stabilizer — is making noise, it tends to be missed when the suspension is serviced. Here’s how to provide a proper undercar inspection to the Sway Bar components.

Undercover: Getting Adjusted — Servicing Brake Self-Adjuster Systems on Classic Vehicles

While the combination of using front disc brakes with rear drum brakes on vehicles had its origins beginning in the 1970s, there are still quite a few of these old braking systems on the road that you might service, especially if you have customers who are classic car buffs. In this article, we’ll take a look at why this brake design was developed, and what to look for when servicing vehicle models from the 20th century.