George Patchoros, Author at Tomorrows Technician
Efficient Engine Operation – It’s All In The Timing

Fuel, Spark, Air and Compression are all clearly important, but if they all need to happen at the same time.

Tips From A Tech – 5 Things To Know About Engine Operation

It’s important to remember even with exotic cars, the internal combustion engine only needs five things to operate.

Tips From A Tech: Getting Ready with Readiness Monitors

Setting readiness monitors can be a frustrating task. Here’s how to ensure an accurate repair.

Tips From A Tech: So You Want To Buy A Scan Tool?

If the title of this column caught your eye, that means you are most likely interested in purchasing a scan tool of your own.

Seeing The Big Picture With AFR Sensors

Air/fuel ratio (AFR) sensors have become commonplace in today’s automobiles, taking over where traditional O2 sensors have left off.

Fuel Trims!

Understanding fuel trims is the gateway to diagnosing common emissions problems. However, before we begin to use this information, specific criteria must be met in order for the PCM to gather accurate information.