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VIDEO: Can Electric Power Steering Smooth Out Road Crown?

Jason Stahl discusses electric power steering and how it senses driver activity in order to smooth the vehicle’s suspension movements on turns.

VIDEO: Honda’s ACM Active Motor Mount System

Jason Stahl discusses active motor mounts, specifically Honda’s ACM system, and how it communicates with the BCM.

VIDEO: How Turbochargers Control Pressure

Jason Stahl discusses turbochargers, and how they manage pressure by using solenoids and a wastegate to optimize engine efficiency.

VIDEO: ABS Pressure Transducer Diagnosis

Jason Stahl discusses the function of pressure transducers, and how its failure can affect the ABS system, including the HCU.

VIDEO: When Oil Level Sensors Fail

Jason Stahl tells us how oil level sensors work as well as the conditions under which they can fail.

VIDEO: Diagnosing Fuel System Leaks In GDI Systems

Jason Stahl discusses gasoline direct injection systems, and ways to prevent leaks in the system after a fuel pump or injector have been replaced.

VIDEO: Resetting Throttle-By-Wire

Jason Stahl discusses the best and safest way to reset a throttle-by-wire system.

VIDEO: Diesel Particulate Filters And Regeneration Cycles

Jason Stahl discusses diesel fuel systems, and the ideal time to perform a regeneration cycle, if the vehicle is able to perform the procedure.

VIDEO: Keep ADAS In Mind During A Suspension Repair

Jason Stahl discusses the role of ADAS in suspension repair and why shops should remain conscious of advanced safety systems during routine maintenance.

VIDEO: BMW DISA Valve Causing Code

In this Tech Minute, Jason Stahl explains how a failing DISA Valve on a BMW can throw various codes and what the replacement options are.

VIDEO: Three Tips For Replacing Connectors

Jason Stahl discusses the service life of various connectors, and how to replace them if they happen to fail early.

VIDEO: Measuring For Damage On Modern Vehicles

In the video, BodyShop Business Editor Jason Stahl discusses the importance of measuring for damage during the estimating phase to eliminate headaches later on. Also, why measuring is critical on today’s advanced vehicles due to damage being found in areas of the vehicle that it never used to.