Larry Bailly, Author at Tomorrows Technician
Under the Hood: ‘Perfect Timing’ — Timing Belt Service for Toyota’s VVT-1 Engine

The focus of this article will be the timing belt replacement on a 2001 GS 300 with the in-line six-cylinder 2JZ-GE engine with VVT-i (Toyota’s variable valve timing).

Undercover: Subcompact Vehicle Upgrades — A Reduction in ‘Class Size’

Over the next decade, it would appear that we will see a shift to smaller, lighter and more fuel-efficient vehicles, much like we experienced in the 1970s.

Under the Hood: Tearing Into VW’s 4-Cylinder, 5-Valve Engines

The demand for more horsepower led VW/Audi to look for ways to add performance without a complete redesign of the basic engine.

Engine Series: Thinking ‘Inside the Box’

Service Notes on Subaru’s Boxer Engine

Toyota Oil Leak Repair Tips

Traditionally one of the more challenging parts of auto repair, leak detection has come a long way.

Under the Hood: Getting Revved Up for (Porsche) Boxster Engine Service

The Porsche Boxster is a little different in layout than most cars, even other Porsche cars. It has been around for more than 10 years and its mid-engine design has been refined to the point that it is more than just an entry-level vehicle.

Engine Series: Lining Up I-6 Engine Service

A Look into BMW’s Inline Six-Cylinder Powerplants

Heading Into All-Wheel-Drive Country

Service Solutions to Subaru 4WD Brake Systems

Undercover – Straight Talk On Subaru Steering Service

Adapted from Larry Bailly’s article in ImportCar

Looking Over What’s Under Volkswagen’s: Servicing A3 and A4 Chassis

Adapted from Larry Bailly’s article in ImportCar

Engine Encounter: What to expect when meeting the VW VR6

Adapted from Larry Bailly’s article in ImportCar

Living Under the Hood – An Audi-Volkswagen Family Reunion

Adapted from Larry Bailly’s article in ImportCar