Scott Blair, Author at Tomorrows Technician
Fine-Tuning Your Wheel Balancing Process

The first step to a smooth ride and well-balanced tire has nothing to do with the balancer.

Tire Service Training: Tire Mounting and Demounting

Mounting/demounting tires involves two to three times more steps than the average driver realizes.

Rethinking Your Wheel Weight Assortment

Your wheel weights could be hiding indirect comeback costs related to them falling off or losing their adhesion.

Wheel Installation Requires Torque, Clamping Force Knowledge

Many variables need to be managed to ensure safe, reliable wheel service for your customers.

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Tire Talk – Turning Stock into Rock Part II

Wrappin’ Up Our Project Nissan Titan Truck from last Month (February issue)

Tire Talk: Turning Stock to Rock

Bolt-on Lift/Lower Kits Simplify Installation

Undercover Take II: Becoming Unbalanced

Tricks and Tips to Help You Handle Common Ride Complaints

Tire Talk – Dipping Your Dubs

Adapted from Scott Blair’s article in Tire Review

Tire Talk – Sealing Up Internal Engine Injuries

Adapted from Bob Dowie’s article in ImportCar

Tire Talk – Anatomy of a Wheel

Adapted from Scott Blair’s articles in Tire Review

Customized Issues for Custom Wheels

Adapted from Scott Blair’s column in Tire Review