Sean Phillips, Author at Tomorrows Technician
Reducing Risks Of Damaging Tires, TPMS Sensors And Rims

Breaking beads with rollers can prevent TPMS Sensor damage. Also, never use a bead shovel near a TPMS sensor.

Real-World TPMS Tips & Tricks

Corrosion weakens the TPMS sensor stem, which makes removing stuck parts without breaking the stem an exercise filled with danger.

Wheel Installation Is All In The RIST

To correctly install wheels, follow this easy-to-remember acronym   Adapted from Sean Phillips’ article in Tire Review   A lot of customers think that wheel installation is so easy that a monkey could do it, to which I like to respond by scratching my armpits and jumping up on the counter. Seriously though, wheel installation

5 Mistakes Entry-Level Tire Techs Make

Nothing can turn a new tech into a veteran but time and experience, and often that experience is going to come from making mistakes – sometimes real bad ones – and learning from them (you hope).

Diagnosing Vibration Issues

Here is a primer on bent wheels, out-of-round tires and how to diagnose vibration issues.