Sterling Shriber II, Author at Tomorrows Technician
The Rotary Engine Might Not Be Dead

With the landscape of automotive power-trains continuing to evolve, one contender whose future looks as uncertain as ever is the Wankel or rotary design. But uncertain as its future may be, the prospects of the Wankel might have just improved. It seems Mazda has yet to give up on the rotary engine, according to recent comments from their CEO, Masamichi Kogai.

As The Titanium-Bodied Car Arrives, How Practical Is It?

Icona, an Italian design house that specializes in exporting design expertise to growing automotive markets such as China, has now announced that its very own sports car, the Vulcano, will feature a titanium body.

Video: How To Start A 1912 Cadillac

Cars have come a long way since 1912, but we wouldn’t be where we are today in the evolution of the automobile had it not been for the 1912 Cadiallc. Employing the very first electric starter motor system, getting this car to start was far from straightforward.