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Badge of Honor – Ethics


Those technicians who hold ASE Certification know what a sense of accomplishment it is to pass their first test. That sense of accomplishment carries through as you grow in your career and achieve Master Technician status. Some go on to master the specialty series and pass the more difficult L-series, but every ASE-Certified technician shares a common bond of achievement that makes them part of the largest technician fraternity in the world.


But being an ASE-Certified technician carries with it a certain responsibility. Being a professional means you adhere to professional standards. We call these standards a Code of Ethics, and as an ASE-Certified technician, you are expected to observe them each and every day. As you read the list, it will probably occur to you that most of what is described is common sense. Although no test can certify ethics, good business practices apply to individuals as well as companies. Its just the right thing to do.

Cars are the second largest purchase a consumer is likely to make, and because we depend on them for everyday transportation, its no surprise that consumer complaints about automotive service are among the highest recorded.


It used to be a lot worse, but ASE certification has helped address that problem. Its up to each of us in the automotive industry to earn the trust and respect of the motoring public we serve. But theres much more at stake here than just good customer service ratings. The average personal vehicle, be it the smallest subcompact or largest SUV, carries within the most precious commodity in the universehuman lives. Those who choose a career maintaining and repairing these vehicles have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. And some mistakes can quite literally be fatal.

Having the discipline to live by the ASE Code of Ethics can help focus your commitment to being the best and instill a deeper appreciation of the responsibility to your customer, your employer and yourself that will guide your judgement whenever you put tool to metal. It will make you a better technician, as well as a better person, and increase your value to yourself and others as an individual of honesty and integrity. Left: Looking down at the top of an old pump.


ASE-Certified Technicians Code of Ethics

  1. I will strive to produce nothing but first-class workmanship.

  2. I will take advantage of every opportunity to increase my knowledge/skills concerning the work I am doing. I will dedicate myself to lifelong learning.

  3. I will use only those materials that are proven to be safe and recommended by the manufacturer.

  4. I will recommend to an owner only that work on the vehicle which I believe to be necessary.

  5. I will treat an owners vehicle as I would my own.

  6. I will attempt to correct any honest mistake made by another technician, without damaging the reputation of that person or their business.

  7. I will conduct myself so as to maintain and increase the public respect for all ASE-certified technicians.

  8. I will practice Service Integrity, which means that to the best of my ability I will always work for the best interest of the owner, my employer and myself.

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