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Book Report: Auto Brand: Building Successful Car Brands for the Future


With the history of the car industry being largely a history of brands, industry expert Anders Parment discusses car brands and car buying changes in his new book Auto Brand, charting the shift from over 40 leading car makers in 1970 to the current 10. With findings from original research – 4,700 survey answers and 100 interviews with CEOs, marketing managers and car dealers – he explores what car companies have done, and will need to do.


The book identifies the challenges facing the industry today: overcapacity and intense competition, a well-informed customer who knows how to shop around and get value; sustainability expectations; the pressure to be efficient, affordable and environmentally friendly; the need to break industry boundaries; a present-day car culture where it is increasingly difficult to forecast purchases based on demographic profiles, and the tension between cost efficiency and brand values.

It also delves into where the industry is headed, raising questions such as: will car makers and their marketing channel partners continue to spend 20% of a car’s retail price on marketing and advertising, or go for great product performance? Is there still a need for a car salesman? Will cars continue to be sold in single brand dealerships?


Covering iconic brands such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Saab, Ford, Volvo and more, Auto Brand appeals to any reader who has ever wondered how car culture has changed since its inception and how car companies are adapting to ensure the car remains relevant to its consumers.

Book Notes:

Auto Brand: Building Successful Car Brands for the Future
Author: Anders Parment
Published by Kogan Page
ISBN: 9780749469290
Paperback: 264 pages
Price: $29.95
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