BT608 Diagnostic Tool Features (VIDEO)

BT608 Diagnostic Tool Features (VIDEO)

The Autel BT608 is a complete battery, charging, and electrical system diagnostic tool. Sponsored by Autel.

The changing technology in automotive batteries along with computer-controlled charging systems and the integral part they play in power chain management is defining a new standard of electrical service for the automotive industry. In order to meet the diagnostic demands of this new technology, shops and technicians need a tool that can provide them with the intelligent functions they need for comprehensive and efficient electrical system service.

The Autel BT608 is designed to meet those demands. The Autel BT608 is a complete battery, charging, and electrical system diagnostic tool, featuring an Android base, touchscreen interface, and Bluetooth capability for wireless communication to the VCI. The BT608 will test 6 and 12-volt batteries, and 12 and 24-volt starting and charging systems. Plus it can read and erase diagnostic trouble codes and perform battery registration. You can print customized reports using the built-in thermal printer or share them via wifi. And there’s also an optional multimeter attachment so when you reach for one tool, you have them all.

Let’s power it up and take a look at some of the features. From the main screen, you can access In-Vehicle Test, which walks you through a comprehensive test of the vehicle’s battery, starting, and charging systems. With the wireless VCI connected to the vehicle, the BT608 will automatically confirm the VIN or if necessary, you can also use the VIN scan camera feature to easily grab the vehicle data off the driver side door jamb.

Then you simply connect the battery clamps and the BT608 guides you step-by-step through the testing process. The out of vehicle test is designed for a battery on the bench. And the scrolling specification chart make it easy to select the battery and get right down to business.

The next two features are battery replacement and battery reset, and they go hand in hand. Battery replacement takes the technician through the steps of battery selection, job preparation and replacement, then continues with the battery reset. You’re probably already familiar with computer controlled charging systems and their ability for adaptive performance based on the age and condition of the vehicle’s battery. These systems are designed to extend battery life and improve fuel economy, and when you replace a battery or install a different type, the new battery must be registered for the charging system to perform as intended.

The BT608 takes care of battery registration, plus it can reset electrical devices, such as the windows or sunroof. And it has additional vehicle specific features such as battery usage history for BMW. Now check this out. There’s a feature called lithium. And this is a great example of forward thinking. It’s not every day right now, but it won’t be long before replacement and installation of lithium ion batteries becomes a regular service that we all need to do. The BT608 is getting a jump on it with some brand new 48-volt mild hybrid functions. We’ll keep an eye on this technology as Autel continues to expand on the functions.

If you think that’s cool, the BT608 is just getting started. Under the diagnostic icon, auto scan finds all available systems on the vehicle and displays it if there are fault codes present, or you can select a specific control unit for testing. Depending on the vehicle, you can access ECU information, read and erase trouble codes, and view live and freeze frame data. Swipe over to the next screen, and you’ll find the multimeter function. The multimeter is sold separately. But it’s a multi-range instrument that measures AC and DC voltage and current, measures resistance, and has a diode test with both digital readouts and waveform displays.

Updates keeps the tool current settings and maxi tool allows you to manage and customize system operation. Data manager allows you to access detailed vehicle diagnostic and test records and remote desktop is a remote support window from Autel. With all the comprehensive testing, you can perform using the BT608 and its ability to print records or send them electronically, the BT608 is a smart choice for your technicians and your shop.

Thanks for taking the time to see the features of the Autel BT608. And we’ll see you next time.

This video is sponsored by Autel.

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