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Emergency Roadside Repair Kits: Essential Tools and Supplies

Learn about the essentials for a comprehensive car safety kit.

From time to time, I'm asked what items should I carry in my car for a safety kit, my parents always insisted I carry a blanket in my car. My mother said it was to keep me warm in case I got stuck in the winter. My father said it was to use under the tires for traction, so I didn't get stuck in the car. I think this is a simple illustration of why so many different approaches are taken to safety kits. First and foremost, human safety should be at the top of the list. Items that alert other drivers to the presence of an inoperative vehicle are first reflective triangles. Bright colored safety vests and flares are all possibilities. In some cases, just getting away from the vehicle is the best solution, but if it's a safe place, then these items make the situation much safer.

UTI Announces ‘Summer Ignite’ Program

The free, three-week program serves as a gateway for students to learn more about automotive or motorcycle repair careers.

Schaeffler Recognized as a GM 2023 Top Global Supplier

This is the fourth time Schaeffler has been honored with this award.

Perfect Stop Powersports Promotion Kicks Off The Summer

Six grand-prize winners will choose a powersports vehicle of their choice – worth up to $15,000.

Schaeffler, ATSG Partner to Support Technical Education

Schaeffler will provide ATSG members with ongoing education and technical resources.

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