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Career Corner: 10 Ways To Promote Yourself In An Interview

You’ve got just one chance to impress the hiring manager, so here are 10 tips to help you promote yourself during the interview.



According to a study by Harris Interactive and Everest College, 92% of U.S. adults are anxious about job interviews. That’s a big number! While it’s totally normal, it can also be a negative.

Nervous candidates can often be miscast as not suitable for the job, even though that may not be true. That’s why it’s important to shoot for a good performance during your interview, which requires practice and confidence. It also requires you to break out of your comfort zone and brag about your accomplishments in a way that highlights how you would be a great fit for the job for which you’re interviewing.


You’ve got just one chance to impress the hiring manager, so here are 10 tips to help you promote yourself during the interview:

1. Body language – Give a firm handshake, sit up tall in your chair, keep your arms uncrossed and maintain eye contact with the person sitting across from you. Avoid fidgeting. Be an active participant and listener.

2. Clothing – Look clean and put together. Your outfit can be more relaxed for interviewing in a shop, or more formal if the position is in an office setting. Appropriate clothing can be khakis and a wrinkle-free shirt, preferably button down and tucked in.


3. Research the company – Go into the interview with a good understanding of the work that the company does by spending some time on their website. Read customer reviews and familiarize yourself with the company to the point that you can ask relevant questions.

4. Answer thoughtfully – Bland, vanilla responses will not distinguish you from other candidates. Make your answers memorable for the hiring manager and specific to your skillset and strengths.

5. Practice common interview questions – Thirty minutes of prep time spent on answering common interview questions out loud will improve your performance during the interview. Find a list of basic interview questions and practice how you would respond. A good resource is


6. Review the job description – Before going into the interview, read the job description one more time and make sure that you hit upon points covered on the description.     

7. Brag – The hiring manager doesn’t know what you are capable of, so you need to tell them about your experiences, accomplishments and education. Impress them and believe in yourself.

8. Show enthusiasm – Have a positive attitude throughout the entire interview process. From the moment you walk in the door, you are being evaluated, so have a pleasant expression on your face, be friendly and cheerful and remember, you only get one first impression.     


9. Have three questions ready – At the end of the interview, you will most likely be asked if you have any questions. Think of three questions before the interview so you aren’t stumped. Not asking questions can sometimes be interpreted as lack of understanding or enthusiasm.

10. Follow up – Immediately following the interview, send a thank-you note. Grab their business card before leaving so that you have the correct contact information. Prompt follow-up will show your excitement for working for the company.   

How do you get over anxiety when it comes to job interviews? Share your tips with us on Twitter @AutoCareCareers!

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