Automotive Body Paint
Headlight Service A Potential Sales Opportunity For Detailers

Detailers can boost customer satisfaction by adding headlight restoration to their services.

MIG Brazing: It’s Here And It’s Important

Do you understand what it takes to repair a vehicle using MIG brazing?

Paint Problem Troubleshooting

A best practice to follow before any repair work begins is to get the color dialed in.

Restoration Work

Even if the tools, equipment and facility space is covered, you have to consider the most critical factor: cash flow.

Skipping Scan Procedures: What You Don’t Know Can Cost You

Skipping pre- and post-repair scans or other electronic procedures can cost you time and money as well as your reputation.

Comprehensive Detailing Tips

Best practices for detailing exteriors, interiors and everywhere in between.

Understanding The Right Detailing Products And Procedures

Teach customers proper car care to extend the lives of their vehicles.

How To Wash A Vehicle With Car Wrap

While a car wrap looks trendy, taking care of the car and maintaining the excellent finish is a sensitive matter.

Understanding Micro Scratches

A detailing expert shares tips for these common surface issues.

3 Steps For Cleaner, Clearer Windows

Tips for achieving a shiny, streak-free window.

How To Dress Welds For Success

Dressing welds may not be rocket science, but the process requires an understanding of welding and the metals being welded.

Spray Gun Evolution

Virtually all the refinish liquid of any kind that the collision shop buys is applied through a spray gun of some kind.