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Tips For Investing In A New Tire Changer

If your techs are struggling on tough tires or damaging wheels, it could be time to invest in updating equipment.

TPMS Diagnostic, Replacement Tips

Using new TPMS tools, you can have several options to replace and reprogram a sensor.

2013-2016 Dodge Dart Alignment Service

If the electric power steering light is on in the instrument cluster, resolve this issue before attempting an alignment.

TPMS Tip: Air Chuck Or Err Chuck

It’s the little details that can save a lot of trouble, and for the trouble – make sure your TPMS scan tool is ready.

Brake Service: Bleeding And Flushing ABS Systems

Replacing a vehicle’s brake fluid requires more tools and skills than a glass bottle and clear tubing.

Tesla Model S Brake Job

If you’re servicing the brakes or suspension system, you do not need fancy orange gloves or insulated tools.

TPMS and Radio Waves

TPMS and keyless entry can be difficult to understand because these systems rely on radio waves.

TPMS: Diagnosing Warning Lights In Winter

When the temperature drops, so does your tire pressure.

Car driving in the snow
Honda TPMS: Direct And Indirect System Resets And Service

Honda direct TPMS are different compared to domestic TPMS.

Honda Tire and Wheel
ADAS And Alignment: Ford Mustang 2015-2020 Models

Alignments on 2015 to current Mustang models has some additional steps to take note of with the introduction of ADAS.

2020 Shelby GT Mustang
How Shocks And Struts Help Ride Comfort

Do you understand the technical differences between monotube and twin-tube shock designs?

TPMS: Prevent Delays With The Right Relearn Procedures

There are a few things you can do to ensure the relearning process is as efficient as possible.