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Recommend a Fresh Cabin Air Filter During Winter (VIDEO)

One could argue that winter is most important season to replace cabin air filters. This video is sponsored by FRAM.

Auto Pros on the Road: Pruitt’s Auto Service

Auto Pros on the Road is a new video series that presents the Babcox Media team on location. Presented by Autolite.

Making Sure You Get A Strong Spark (Video)

Complete combustion requires strong spark at the right time with the right compression. Sponsored by AP Emissions.

Meet Smith Hall, March’s 2022 Student of the Month!

Smith Hall is a leader inside and outside of the classroom. Student of the Month is sponsored by Continental.

Installing Complete Strut Assemblies (VIDEO)

Here are the installation procedures to follow when installing PRT strut assemblies. This video is sponsored by PRT.

ASE Test Prep: What Type of Diagnostic Code is a P0300?

Hopefully you don’t experience a ‘misfire’ with your answer! This video is sponsored by Autolite.

ASE Test Prep: Why Should Customer Concerns Be Verified?

Let’s see if you’re prepared for your next ASE test with this question! This video is sponsored by Autolite.

Checking Your Fuel (Video)

Fuel systems can have many possible issues to diagnose. This video is sponsored by AP Emissions.

Mercedes-Benz Saddlebag Fuel Tanks (VIDEO)

Let’s discuss how fuel systems operate on Mercedes-Benz vehicles. This video is sponsored by Carter.

Watch Now: OBD Zero Diagnostics in an OBDII World

Follow along as we discuss the latest OBDII engine management systems. Sponsored by Summit Racing Equipment.

E-15 Summer Blend Fuels Shouldn’t Make A Difference (VIDEO)

E-15 summer blend fuels should be coming soon in April, but any effects they have are negligible. Sponsored by Autolite.

Spark Plug Replacement Intervals (VIDEO)

Be wary of spark plugs as they approach the end of their lifespan. This video is sponsored by Autolite.