Choose The Right Part The First Time (VIDEO)

Choose The Right Part The First Time (VIDEO)

Saving money on parts comes at a cost. This video is sponsored by The Group Training Academy.

CC: Good, better, best.

It’s an option your customers have come to expect with lots of purchases. For things like coffee, dish soap and dog food, good is probably good enough, depending on how much they like their dog. When it comes to car parts though, they don’t always realize that it might be better to consider something better than the cheapest part.

Sure, everyone thinks it’s great to save money on the repair job, but what if that cheaper part doesn’t work right or last very long? They’ll be coming back to you, because you let them get that part that they wouldn’t let you talk them out of.

When your customer has an option with safety-related components, it’s usually a smart idea to do everything you can to sell them the highest quality part appropriate for their vehicle. And after all, almost EVERYTHING is safety-related.

Here are some questions you can ask them that may help them understand your reasoning.

• “Do you really want to spend more time waiting for your car to be fixed for a second time? That doubles the time you’ll spend on the repair, time you could put to much better use. “

• “You may be saving money up front but think about the replacement. Now you’ll be paying for it twice (or more) until you choose the RIGHT part.”

• “Worst of all, how about your time and trouble if you break down along the road and have to wait for an expensive tow truck at night with your kids, waiting for help to show up?”

Sure, every business wants customers to come back, but NOT because the job your shop performed didn’t stay repaired. And think about the word-of-mouth. If a job failed because the parts you installed weren’t the best available, who will be getting the blame? The driver who took the cheaper option or the shop that installed them? Good, better, best isn’t always a critical decision but when it is, help your customer choose the safest option. When it’s appropriate to suggest a higher quality part because of safety recommendations, vehicle specifications or driving habits remind your customer not to just think about the cost of the repair job. Remind him or her about the time it will cost and hassles they could have just to save a few bucks. You’re the expert. Always recommend the right part, the best part, for every job.

This video is sponsored by The Group Training Academy.

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