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Component Connection: Finding Those Faulty Fuel Pumps


I am honored to serve as the 33 chairman of the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). As a non-profit, cross-industry organization, ASE was chartered in 1972 to improve the quality of Automotive Service through voluntary technician certification. I believe that the mission of ASE is as important today as when it first began.


We are experiencing a period of incredible change in automotive history. Great strides have been made in the areas of vehicle performance, safety, efficiency and the reduction of emissions through advanced technology. Hybrid gasoline/electric powertrains have become mainstream and are being adopted by all major vehicle manufacturers in the development of powerful, environmentally friendly cars, trucks and busses. High-tech materials and short-cycle production methods are providing exciting new vehicles in record times.

With all of the advances in technology, some things haven’t changed at all. Vehicle owners still have the same expectations that sparked the birth of ASE 33 years ago. They expect flawless vehicle performance and when service is needed, they want their vehicle fixed right the first time, on time. In addition, the Internet now provides customers with a powerful forum for instant “word of mouth advertising,” whether good or bad.


This is where the value of ASE certification is at its best. Whether performing scheduled maintenance, routine repairs or complex system diagnostics, there is no substitute for skilled service professionals. For the technician wishing to rise to the top of their craft, ASE is there to differentiate the best from the rest. For the vehicle owner, ASE points the way to those technicians who can demonstrate top skills and abilities when they are needed most. For the service provider looking for quality employees, what better yardstick than the demonstrated proficiency of achieving ASE certification? ASE provides a competitive edge that contributes greatly to customer satisfaction, profitability and future business success.


Today, there are hundreds of thousands of professionals in the automotive, parts, truck, collision, machinist, and even alternate fuels markets who display their ASE certifications with pride. From independent shops to large national chains to dealership service departments, ASE certification connects us all as professionals. Even more than that, ASE certification unites the industry in a common cause to advance professionalism, and service quality.

As you can tell, I believe strongly in the mission of ASE. As an automotive professional, I’m proud to have held ASE Master Automotive Technician Certification since 1977. As Chairman for 2005, I look forward to working with automotive professionals from all walks of the industry to build on the outstanding achievements made by those who have come before us. From our website, to our expanded Computer-Based Testing program, look for new developments in the months ahead. Most importantly, we’ll be holding multiple advisory council meetings around the country. These councils will directly involve certified professionals in an effort to keep ASE current with the challenges you face every day. It’s a great opportunity, and together we will keep ASE and its role in our industry as strong in the future as it is today.

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