Compound Turbo P-pumped 24v Cummins Display Engine

Compound Turbo P-pumped 24v Cummins Display Engine

Dakota Sargent of Fullhook Diesel took it upon himself to build a custom display engine that kids could rev up at events.

Courtesy of Engine Builder.

One of the biggest issues facing the diesel industry and performance world in general is getting the next generation involved and interested in going fast. With distractions like video games and social media, less and less children are turning wrenches in the garage and learning important technical skills along the way.

A lot of the guys and gals we’ve talked to got their first taste of the industry from parents or family members, and that seems like a trend that will continue for some time. And luckily there’s other industry members that are putting a focus on getting kids involved at racing events and shows. We recently caught up with Dakota Sargent, owner of Fullhook Performance, to hear about a new diesel engine he built for kids to rev-up at the racetrack.

We first talked to Sargent last year about a separate engine, and at that point his was only about a year-and-a-half into his endeavor with Fullhook Performance. Even in its infancy, he was getting a good number of badass engines built for customers each month. Despite only having a two-man team and small shop space outside of Las Vegas in Indian Springs, NV, he’s only grown his business building 5.9L 12-valves, P-pumped 24 valves, VP44 24 valves, and doing manual transmission work.

In the near future, Sargent has plans to move into a larger shop space connected to Head by Rick (HBR Competition Engines), the Vegas machine shop that currently handles the block, crank and head work for his engines builds. When that happens, Sargent will be one step closer to having Fullhook Performance be his fulltime gig.

In the meantime, he’s keeping hard at work in the shop on new builds.

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