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May 2015 Crossword Puzzle

  © Murray Jackson ACROSS 1. Engine cylinder sliders 5. Pedal to the ____, i.e. full throttle 8. Unexpected engine stoppage 9. Add air to tire 10. Car corrosion 11. Antifreeze/water mixtures 13. Clean car to nth degree 15. Inches forward at idle 18. Block-heater installation point (4, 4) 19. OBD device, ____ tool 22.

What’s More Fun Than Regular Fun? Chevy’s FNR Concept

The Chevrolet-FNR is loaded with a range of ­intelligent technologies usually seen only in science fiction movies. The dragonfly doors, which open straight upward, are almost unnoticeable amid the car’s radical and sharp styling.

Rebuilding Diesel Tractor/Ag Engines

Rebuilding and remanufacturing tractors engines and ag equipment is still very prevalent.

Misfire Codes P0301 To P0312: A Look At Common Causes

A flashing check engine light and a P0301 to P0312 diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is a surefire indication that one or more cylinders are misfiring. Occasional misfires may pass unnoticed, but a steady misfire is hard to miss. The engine usually feels rough, lacks power and uses more gas than usual. Sometimes a misfire may

Component Connection: Press-in Bearings With Fewer Comebacks

Servicing the increasing number of vehicles equipped with pressed-in wheel bearings requires a little bit more finesse and tools when compared to hub units or tapered roller bearings. However, with the right tools and information, these jobs can be money-makers.

GM Late-Model Brake Job

GM currently has about eight active vehicle platforms in North America, and many of these platforms share foundation brake ­technology and ­systems, like ABS and parking brakes. Compared to the previous generation of GM vehicles, these brake systems are more robust, yet more precise, and focused on reducing brake noise problems. Nearly every GM passenger

Under the Hood: Cooling System Diagnostics

Heed the Telltale Signs of Component Failure Springtime brings with it the vacation season when many families will hitch a boat or camping trailer to their fully loaded family car, SUV or pickup truck and travel to some remote wilderness hideaway. Needless to say, both the parents and their vehicle’s cooling system will be stressed