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August 2015 Sudoku Puzzle


August 2015 Crossword Puzzle

© Murray Jackson ACROSS 1. Dual-power vehicles 5. Service bay hoists 8. Urban traffic speed, sometimes 9. Battery spec., ____ capacity 10. Intake/exhaust valve section 11. They’re left on pumps, sometimes (4, 4) 13. Tool cabinet item 15. Suspension component 18. Enlarging cylinder diameters 19. Fixer-upper ad words (2, 2) 22. Detailer, basically 23. Pre-EFI

Brake Pulsation And Runout Q&A

Knowing The Right Answers Can Eliminate Comebacks Being able to diagnose and solve brake rotor pulsation problems is critical to eliminating brake-related service comebacks. Pulsation and brake performance problems may not seem to be the most difficult, but they often cause the most headaches for technicians. Here’s a brief Q&A that should help ease any

Mazda6 Case Study: Data Gathering Is Critical To Your Alignment Diagnosis

  About a year ago, I got a request from a private vehicle owner to help diagnose a steering problem on a 2010 Mazda6 iSport. Given the power of the Internet, it seems that this person had somehow discovered one of my older columns on alignment problems. While I’m not fond of dealing with technical

Honda Electrical System Diagnostics

Honda charging systems won’t present many problems for the experienced tech, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind. It’s our experience that the charge indicator lamp on the dash does a good job of keeping the system in check – of course, that assumes the light is working as it should.

TPMS Sensor IDs: Why, Where and When

  To understand any TPMS relearn procedure, you have to understand this: Sensors only transmit, they do not receive. The vehicle doesn’t ask a sensor for information on how it’s doing. I know what you’re thinking: a sensor does receive signals when the vehicle is in relearn mode, when the technician is holding a TPMS

Ford/AAA National Student Competition Gets Motors Running

Congratulations to the 2015 Ford/AAA Student Auto Skills National champions Morgan White and Jay Saunders and their instructor Drew Barnes from Vale High School in Vale, Oregon. The Oregon team earned the title of “America’s Best Student Auto Technicians,” as national champions of the 66th annual Ford/AAA Student Auto Skills competition, held at Ford World

Pattern Failures Of MAF And MAP Sensors

Pattern failures are those failures that happen over and over again – and the same applies to how customers describe these failures. Customers might unknowingly give you the answer to their problem without needing to open the hood. In this article, we will look both at the failures of these sensors and the actual customer explanations that directly related to a failed MAP or MAF sensor.