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Chevrolet’s LT Engine Reboot

In 2014, GM brought back the highly recognized RPO code LT1. The reason for the comeback was due to more power and efficiency with fewer emissions. The new LT1 revision consists of a 6.2L (376 cu. in.) package weighing in at 465 lbs. delivering 450 hp and 450 ft.-lbs. of torque and offering 26 mpg. The new LT1 is more efficient, more powerful and offers more response than a smaller V8. Also, the new LT1 is faster than a twin-turbo V6.

The Mathematics Of Selling Brake Services

In this feature, I’ll explore how brake services can be packaged to ­increase profit, reduce comebacks and reduce labor costs.

Porsche Unveils All-Electrically Powered Sports Car Featuring Holographic Driver Display

Porsche recently introduced the Mission E at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Germany. The Mission E is Porsche’s first all-electrically powered four-seat sports car.

Brake Edge Code Updates Explained

Notice anything different about those edge codes on that set of brake pads you just ordered? If you haven’t yet, you will.

Auxiliary Water Pumps – How One Component Can Upset Your Cooling System Diagnostic Logic

A Mercedes comes into the shop with a complaint of poor heater performance. The driver says during cold mornings that the heater will blow cold while he’s driving to work during rush hour traffic. The car is not overheating and the air is coming from the correct ducts. Your first reaction might be to install a new thermostat and inspect the heater core for a blockage. During a test drive, the system may perform great for you. Is the customer just cold blooded?

Fueling Choices: Factors For Carburetion Or A Bolt-On TBI Fuel Injection System

If you’re building a performance engine, should you fuel it with a carburetor or some type of electronic fuel injection (EFI) system? If the application is a late-model vehicle that came factory-equipped with EFI, that decision has already been made for you.

October Crossword Puzzle

© Murray Jackson   ACROSS 1. Body shop stock-in-trade 6. Component with wheel studs 8. Brake system disc 9. Auto lube brand 10. Hood adjunct, ____ rod 11. Dash gauge groupings 13. Cylinder ridge removal tool 15. Service bay lifters 18. Spring-steel retainer on shaft (4, 4) 19. Classic Car Club of America abbr. 22.