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Steering and Suspension Inspection: Keeping The Angles In Line With Ackermann

When you consider how front suspensions have evolved from straight axles to independent designs, the tie rod has had to adapt to new angles and geometry.

Failing Clutches – What’s Really at Fault?

Adapted from Larry Carley’s article in Brake & Front End

Meet the “Playahs” in Today’s Tuner Market

Adapted from Mary Aichlmayr’s article in Tire Review

What Causes a Fuel Pump to Get a Failing Grade?

Adapted from Underhood Service

Engine Encounter: What to expect when meeting the VW VR6

Adapted from Larry Bailly’s article in ImportCar

The Evolution of the Automotive Service Technician – An Inside the Industry Perspective, Kimberly McWaters

These days, a scene from an automotive service bay is somewhat like a scene from an operating room. A group of highly skilled men and women meticulously pour over their work, using sophisticated instruments and finely tuned minds to diagnose and repair the complex workings of the intricate machinery before them. Technological advances have resulted

From Classrooms to the Real World: The Northwood University Auto Show, Karen Kupres, Lori Lendzion

Seniors majoring in advertising, marketing and business management.   For one weekend in October, thousands of car enthusiasts, families, students and alumni from across the country gather on Northwood University’s secluded campus in Midland, MI, for the Northwood University International Auto Show (NUIAS). They come to see the tree-lined walkways transformed into a showcase for

Avoild the Jam to Find the Right Cam

Adapted from David Vizard’s article in ENGINE BUILDER

Street Racing: Fun Yet Dangerous

Street racing has become very popular among teenagers and young adults, many of whom don’t have the years of driving experience. Street racing has been around for years, but recently Hollywood and the media have had interest in entertaining us with this concept. They make it seem fine to street race in neighborhoods. What they

Mastering Early Honda & Acura ABS Systems

Adapted from Larry Carley’s article in BRAKE & FRONT END

Pushing Oil

Adapted from COUNTERMAN