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November 2015 Crossword Puzzle

© Murray Jackson   ACROSS 1. Twist-off cooling-system components (8, 4) 8. Year, make and ____ description 9. Maine plates’ crustacean, once 10. F in EFI 11. Trident emblem Italian brand 13. Crash-activated item 15. Multi-vehicle collision 17. Straight-cut cog (4, 4) 18. One end of combination wrench 21. Adjusted camber, caster and toe-in 22.

Diesel Oil & Filters

One of the basic differences between oils formulated for diesel engines and those formulated for gasoline engines is more detergent and dispersant in the additive package. Diesel engines (even clean diesels) still produce a lot of soot that ends up in the crankcase. If the oil can’t keep the soot in suspension, it can end up as sludge in the crankcase and elsewhere in the engine.

8 Problems That Can Be Resolved By Reflashing

Developing the in-house capability for reflashing and reprogramming is critical for shop productivity and customer retention. This article covers seven tools you need for reflashing as well as eight problems that can be resolved by reflashing.

Drivetrain Noises & Wheel Bearing Replacement

Some of the toughest challenges import specialist techs face are noise complaints. And, in order to make an accurate assessment, we take the time to ask our customers questions like: Is the noise present when the car’s stationary or moving? Does it change around corners or under different load considerations? Is it a growl, squeak, groan or rattle?

Nissan’s Teatro Has Real Mobile Technology For Dayz

Visitors to the Tokyo Motor Show 2015 experienced Nissan Motor Co.’s Teatro for Dayz, an innovative concept that signals a new direction in mobile technology. Designed especially for the digital native generation, this vision of near-future vehicles marks a shift in perception.

Vintage V8s – Exploring 100 Years Of Eight-Cylinder Cadillac Engines

For more than a century, the name Cadillac has been synonymous with performance, style and passion. And, in the early years of the Cadillac Automobile Company, it was a former loom mechanic – Henry Martyn Leland – who was credited with forging the technologies that separated Cadillac from the other automobile businesses that were springing up at the turn of the 20th century.

Tips For Serpentine Belt System Inspection & Service

Like a tire, the friction between the belt and pulleys wears away at the belt, usually on the tops and walls of the ribs. Eventually the grooves of the pulleys will bottom out on the grooves of the belt, and then the belt will start to slip.

Impress Employers In 90 Seconds

The Undercover Recruiter released a survey detailing some common mistakes that interviewees make during a job interview. Don’t make these mistakes! Here are important tips that you should consider before you walk into your next job interview.

Chevrolet’s LT Engine Reboot

In 2014, GM brought back the highly recognized RPO code LT1. The reason for the comeback was due to more power and efficiency with fewer emissions. The new LT1 revision consists of a 6.2L (376 cu. in.) package weighing in at 465 lbs. delivering 450 hp and 450 ft.-lbs. of torque and offering 26 mpg. The new LT1 is more efficient, more powerful and offers more response than a smaller V8. Also, the new LT1 is faster than a twin-turbo V6.

The Mathematics Of Selling Brake Services

In this feature, I’ll explore how brake services can be packaged to ­increase profit, reduce comebacks and reduce labor costs.

Porsche Unveils All-Electrically Powered Sports Car Featuring Holographic Driver Display

Porsche recently introduced the Mission E at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Germany. The Mission E is Porsche’s first all-electrically powered four-seat sports car.

Brake Edge Code Updates Explained

Notice anything different about those edge codes on that set of brake pads you just ordered? If you haven’t yet, you will.