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HEVy Metal

Service Tips for a Growing Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) Population

TT April 08 Pop Quiz: A/C Systems

This month’s Pop Quiz addresses air conditioning systems. Students should chose the answer that best completes the following questions or statements.

Crossword Puzzle: April 2008

                              Across 1. Clutch-assembly component (8,5) 8. Volatile substance in quick-start fluid 9. Engine-friction reducer 10. Central element in planetary gearset (3,4) 11. The T in dragstrip E.T. 13. Engine design 15. Gasoline-rating term 18. Irksome tire trouble 20. Roller-bearing adjective

Report Card: Head For the Hills

Student Oliver Taylor likes to spend his free time competing in autocross events in picturesque northern California, as well as driving in the annual Hoopa Hillclimb

Real World: Hauling Techs Toward the Heavy-Duty Fleet Industry

Although eclipsed by the shortage of over-the-road drivers, many fleets are still having problems attracting and retaining qualified maintenance technicians. Will you be one of the techs confident enough to enter into this field?

Real World: Shop Safety – Focus on the Flammables

The following guidelines may help your school’s auto technology class prevent fires from starting.

Undercover: Steering Comebacks Away From You

Understanding the Mysteries of the Thrust Angle

Undercover: 10 Tips To Top Alignments

Keep Comebacks Away with these Alignment Tips

Component Connection: The Dirty Little Secrets of Filters

It’s important to know that, although most filters meet original equipment (OE) standards, not all filters are created equal in terms of reliability and overall capacity.

YAWA: You Asked, We Answered

Check Engine Light

TOOL RULES: The Service Advisor – Ball-Style Hone – An Edge-Cutting Automotive Tool

From prepping combustion cylinders to deglazing brake drums, many automotive applications benefit from the de-burring, edge-blending and other finishing capabilities of the fast, economical and performance-enhancing ball-style hone.