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Engine Series: Servicing Tips for the GM 3800 Series II Engine

The Buick 3.8L has evolved from its humble beginnings as a cheap, easy-to-build, economy motor in 1962, into one of the best pushrod motors in the universe.

Undercover: ABS Bleeding Procedures and Tips

Any time the hydraulic system is opened, air can be introduced into the lines and components. Your job is to eliminate that air.

Component Connection: Wiping Away Concerns on Wipers

Postponing the replacement of worn wiper blades to save a few bucks is NOT a good idea because it endangers driving safety.

Harvesting the Agricultural Engine Market

The agricultural market is one sector of the industry that will always be here, since the production of food is a necessity here, and around the globe.

Crossword Puzzle: April 2010

Across 1. Fix-all material (4,4) 5. Dual-overhead-camshaft code (1,1,1,1) 9. Leaf spring and axle connector (1,4) 10. Yoke-and-spider assemblies, briefly (1,6) 11. Unexpectedly stopped the engine 12. Dynamometer’s torque-display shape 13. Relationships between gears 15. Grooved tire surfaces 18. Chopper output, some say 20. Stopwatch-timed race-track interval (3,4) 23. Gas-pump units 24. Tool for driving

Under the Hood: COP Patrol – Tracking Down Coil-on-Plug Misfires

Modern engine management technology trends have been leaning toward more coil-on-plug (COP) ignition systems because they are very compact and adaptable to individual cylinder tuning.