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Report Card: Capturing a Concept Design — Exposing Renault’s Captur

The Captur is powered by a twin-turbo, 1.6L diesel engine along with a dual-clutch transmission.

Performance Primer: Induction Production — Bolt-On Horsepower Tactics

There are a lot of induction system options to consider. Which setup you choose to use will depend on the application (street performance, circle track, drag race, off-road or marine), any rules that may restrict the kinds of parts that can be used, and your customer’s budget.

Finish Line: Top Design — Three CCS Designers Display their Top Designs at Trucking Show

The semester-long program involved 15 senior-level students who focused on impending government regulations to slash fuel consumption and emissions by 10% to 20%.

Crossword Puzzle: April 2011

Across 1. Ignition-diagnosis instruments 8. Brake-system components, sometimes 9. Shifter selection 10. Allstate or State Farm 11. Wheel-alignment adjustment (3,2) 12. Andy Green’s ’97 supersonic car 14. Structures in non-unibody cars 17. Well-known Indy-racing family 19. Old-car noises, often 22. New engine’s initial ____ period 23. Word following backing or pressure 24. Turbochargers’ mechanically-driven cousins