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August 2007 Crossword Puzzle

Across 1. Oil-level indicator 5. Electrical system safety valve 9. UFO driver 10. Sudden tire failure 11. Range of piston travel 12. Invitation to hitchhiker, perhaps (3,2) 14. Modern steering-wheel-hub component 16. Diesel counterpart of gasoline octane 19. Take the wheel 21. Trips down the track, in drag-racing lingo 24. Service-station fixture, frequently (3,4) 25.

The Real World – California Students Tops in Ford/AAA Student Auto Skills

Father-Son Team Wins Competition for the First Time

Tire Talk – Handling the Load Wheel Bearing Diagnosis

Although wheel bearings are often the most neglected part of the vehicle, they nevertheless have a critical job to do, and in most cases, do it very well. Not only are wheel bearings designed to support the weight of the vehicle and allow it to travel over a road with a minimum of rolling friction,

The Great Brake Rotor Debate – Resurface or Replace?

Adapted from Larry Carley’s article in Brake & Front End

Getting a Charge out of Electrical Diagnostics

Adapted from Glen Beanard’s article in Underhood Service

Futurauto – Engine Technology Techs Will See In The Bays

by Ed Sunkin
As you begin your career in the auto service industry, youll find that for the most part, the internal combustion engine (ICE) which has been around for more than 100 years hasnt changed much in theory. However, there have been many internal modifications to the ICEs design that has made it more fuel efficient in recent years, as the world tries to reduce its thirst for oil. To become a knowledgeable diagnostic technician, youll need to become familiar with these technologies and understand how to service them when a problem arises.