August, 2009 Archives - Tomorrows Technician
Undercover: Joining the ‘Brake Booster’ Club

In school, I took physics and wondered if I would ever use any of the scientific stuff. All of that stuff is kind of important if you want to know how altitude can affect the performance of a vacuum brake booster, engine, your body and a whole lot of other devices.

Tool Rules: How Well Do You Know Your Hand Protection?

— Sure, you may wear them in the auto lab, but are your disposable gloves the right ones for the job?

Under the Hood: Diesel Dialog- Talking ‘Bout Performance Diesel Pistons

The interest in diesel performance has been growing. Bolt-on performance packages for diesel-powered pickup trucks can easily add 75-150 horsepower or more for everyday driving and towing. While pulling has been the traditional use for diesel-powered tractors and trucks, diesel-powered vehicles are now winning races and setting records in venues that have long been the exclusive realm of gasoline-powered engines.

Service Advisor: Giving the Sway Bar a Tune Up

Unless the chassis anti-roll bar — also called the sway bar or stabilizer — is making noise, it tends to be missed when the suspension is serviced. Here’s how to provide a proper undercar inspection to the Sway Bar components.

YAWA: Wiper Blades

You Asked, We Answered (YAWA) — This month we address your Wiper Blade questions.

On the Cover…

August Tomorrow’s Technician cover features Adam Gabriel’s Chevy Tahoe

Real World: Future Auto Rising Stars Shine in Dearborn

Aspiring auto technicians and rising seniors, Justin Dwyer and Matthew Ludwig from Faribault High School in Faribault, MN, recorded the best score in the 2009 Ford/AAA Student Auto Skills National Finals.

Crossword Puzzle: August 2009

Across 1. Startling engine sound 5. Horsepower-measuring device, briefly 9. Automotive about-face (1,4) 10. Given name, NASCAR racer Waltrip 11. Pedestrian pathway 12. Thread-cutting tap and ___ set 14. Shiny custom-wheel finish 15. Gasoline’s anti-knock rating 18. Lube-job items (3,3,6) 21. Certain paints 22. Word following backing or pressure 23. Intake- or exhaust-valve section 24.

Engine Series: Lining Up I-6 Engine Service

A Look into BMW’s Inline Six-Cylinder Powerplants

TT August ’09 Pop Quiz: Calipers

Students should chose the following answer that BEST completes the following statements.