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Fuel Pump Pressure: Optimal Flow Factors

All too often, technicians assume fuel pressure is “good” without actually measuring it. If the engine runs, they assume the injectors are getting adequate fuel pressure. If the engine cranks but won’t start, and they depress the service valve on the fuel rail and some fuel squirts out, then they assume the injectors have pressure.

Finish Line: Jeep Quicksand

With looks that would land it a role in a “Mad Max” movie, the Jeep Quicksand concept combines hot rod features with a Wrangler build to tackle the sand dunes. Changing up the body of the typical Wrangler, the Quicksand features a longer wheelbase with a trimmed front and rear body and a chopped hard

Powersports Tech Tips: Specialty Tools

A technician can carry out the majority of their work with basic hand tools. A major dividing line appears when the service manual calls for the use of a special tool. The professional technician should have a large selection of specialty tools for handling specific jobs. Even a crafty shade tree mechanic can be stonewalled

Connecting With Hybrids: 12 Volt Battery Systems

Why do hybrids even have a 12 volt battery when the car is already equipped with a high-voltage battery? Those of you with hybrid experience know the answer, but many techs have stayed away from hybrids and have little to no knowledge on the subject. Today we have plug-in cars, both pure electric and plug-ins

The Evolution Of Plastic Repair

We’ve all heard it from every source: technology keeps changing, and training is needed to keep up. We may get tired of hearing about it, but if you look around, you’ll see that it’s true. Big-Time Advances Plastic repair technology has advanced tremendously in the last few years. We’ve come a long way from just

Hunting Down ‘Mysterious’ Steering Linkage Culprits

Steering system noise complaints can often be difficult to reproduce and diagnose. A squeaking noise in the steering column, for example, can often be influenced by temperature and humidity. In other cases, a squeaking noise can be caused by dry or corroded universal joints in the steering intermediate shaft located between the steering shaft and

Engine Update: Pro Touring

Pro Touring is the niche of niches in today’s performance world — and why not, since it’s pretty much anything goes with these unique machines. The fundamental theory behind Pro Touring is to take a car that is not historically significant and update the handling and performance with today’s modernized parts and assemblies. It’s the

Career Corner: 7 Ways To Help Your Resume Stand Out In The Stack

Your resume is a professional representation of yourself, and the first impression an employer will have of you before you ever walk in the door. It is not something that you can just throw together hastily and expect to get a phone call back for an interview.